Our Fabric Range

Oceantex –  Tri-laminate three layers of protection

Waterproof & Breathable

Waterhead 20m; Breathability 10000g/m2/24hrs

  • The outer layer is a very tight weave of microfibers providing an intrinsic waterproof barrier. It is coated with a Scotch guard finish to further protect against water penetration. The outer layer is laminated to the middle hydrophilic layer which is the “brains” providing the  exceptional waterproof and breathable properties to the fabric
  • The middle layer is laminated to the inner tri-cot polyester layer which is a moisture management fabric that protects the “brains” as well as actively wicking moisture from your body keeping you dry and comfortable.
  •  The combination of these three layers, laminated together, produces a fabric that is 3X more waterproof than the industry norm. It’s breathability, durability and handle places it amongst the best performing fabrics in the world.
  • Oceantex 3 garments are light in weight and compact easily.
Oceantex3 is used by Team Shosholoza as well as  Ocean Sailors and those that require  a “no –compromise” garment.

Fabric Choices

Navy Tangerine Royal Blue Lime Grey

Reeftex – Waterproof & Breathable

Waterhead 10m; breathability 6000g/m2/24hrs

  • This is a high-tech hydrophylic breathable PU coated fabric.
  • Which is lightweight, breathable and durable.
  • All Reeftex garments are seam-sealed to protect against water ingress.
  • All garments are lined for additional protection and comfort.

The National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa use this fabric in the waterproof garments for their crew.

Fabric Choices

Navy Orange Royal Blue Red Grey


Wavetex – Waterproof & Breathable

Waterhead 2m; Breathable

  • Micro-active Polyester, an affordable alternative.
  • This is a water proof fabric which is hardwearing, wind breaker or water barrier

This fabric is used by SA National and KZN Provincial Angling teams

Fabric Choices

Navy Black